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Agriturismo Ristorante - Casa di Scina
Mandia (SA) - Parco Nazionale del Cilento, Vallo di Diano e Alburni
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The Cilento coast
The Cilento coast includes some of the most suggestive stretches of the Mediterranean: in fact it was preferred by the ancient Greek sailors. Perfect examples are Palinuro, Punta Licosa and Marina di Camerota.
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Many places' names evoke Greek mythology: the helmsman of Enea, named Palinuro, was shipwrecked on that beach; Leucosia and Camaraton were names of sirens. The coast is rich in free sand beaches and sea cliffs full of caves and inlets, covered by the typical Mediterranean vegetation. Towers of the Spanish age (Viceregno, XVI century) once built in defense from the Barbarian and the Turkish, still stand guarding.

The whole coast can be visited by boat, reaching pristine beaches, or docks and villages that overlook the sea: Agropoli, S. Maria di Castellabate, Punta Licosa, Agnone Cilento, Acciaroli (where Hemingway sojourned), Pioppi (Museum of the Sea), Ascea Marina, Pisciotta, Palinuro (Blue Grotto), Marina di Camerota (caves rich in fossils and springs, the Infreschi Bay), Scario etc..
Elea - Velia
In our village there are the archaeological site of the Greek colony Elea - Velia (V century B.C.). Important tourist attraction for a cultural excursion deep in nature: you can visit the Gimnasium, the Roman thermae, the Villa of Brute, the acropolis (set on the hill overlooking the gulf of Velia), the Esclepaion, the Angevin tower, Porta Rosa that is the only one perfectly preserved round arch tunnel of the Magna Graecia.
Tours allowed every day. During summer theatrical and musical performances set on the acropolis by national caliber professionals.
Horse riding
Casa di Scina allows you to organize fascinating horse riding holidays along the routes inside the Park of Cilento or on the coasts.

The excursions following programs and periodic initiatives oh the equestrian center Centro ippico Maffia. All interested people should contact us for information on tours available during the year.

Day trips
From “Casa di Scina” è farm holidays it is possible to arrange several excursions in Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. We suggest some excursions (to be organized on request):

1. Archaeological site of Velia
2. The Chartreuse of Padula
3. Paestum
4. Vatolla, Rocca Cilento
5. The Abbey of Pattano, Saint Filadelfo, Picture gallery of Vallo della Lucania

1. Mandia and its centuries-old chestnut trees
2. Mount Gelbison
3. Old Roscigno
4. Caves of Pertosa
5. Pisciotta, San Severino di Centola

1. The coastal towers of Capo Palinuro
2. The Blue grotto of Capo Palinuro
3. he Infreschi bay in Marina di Camerota
4. Punta Licosa
5. Museum of the Sea in Pioppi - Acciaroli

1. Pompei Ercolano
2. Caserta Royal Palace
3. Amalfi Coast
4. Capri
Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park
"Casa di Scina" is in Mandia, a inland village in the National Park.

This is one of the wider Parks in Italy: it take up 37% of Salerno province (around 182.000 hectares). On June 9th 1997, in Paris, the Park has been included by the UNESCO Program MAB (Man And Biosphere) in the World's Reserves Of the Biosphere. Among the most important varieties of vegetable kinds there are: the Primula Palinuri, that is also the symbol of the National Park, the Aleppo Pine and the Carob tree along the coasts; the centuries-old Pisciottana Olive tree, superb woods and the Mediterranean scrub.

Many animals live in the Park: otter in Calore, Sammaro, Sele, Mingardo rivers; wolf on the slopes of Mount Cervati and Alburni Mountains; but also wild cat, hare, badger, squirrel. Among the birds eagle nests but also the coral caw, buzzard, green woodpecker, black woodpecker, magpie. The whole area is amazing, full of beauties like the coastal stretch from Punta Licosa to Acciaroli, through Capo Palinuro and Infreschi Bay and the small villages scattered among mountains and hills in the inner zones.

Excursions in the National Park lead you to the old villages castled on the hills, deep in the green, in which can be tasted natural, homemade products of the Cilento cooking tradition: wine, cheese, extra virgin olive oil, bread, meat, chestnuts, honey, etc. Enjoy the woods and the most fascinating corners of the National Park letting you be guided by people who know them, love them, and want to share with you this exciting beauty.